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One key challenge for 5G will be efficiently using the spectrum that will be available for 5G – it’s currently challenging to design a communications standard that performs well across a wide 600MHz to 80GHz spectrum range that’s discussed now for 5G. Consumers also expect their content everywhere –streamed from the cloud, from smartphones, smartwatches, tablets. So multimedia, home automation, security, eHealth – they must all join up – and work seamlessly.

5G 的一个重要挑战在于能否有效地利用 5G 的可使用带宽 ─ 目前的挑战在于设计一个能够在适用于5G的从600MHz到80GHz的带宽中都能运行良好的通信标准。消费者还期望能随时欣赏内容 ─ 从云端、智能手机、智能手表、平板电脑等各种终端设备进行获取。所以,多媒体、家庭自动化、安全、电子医疗 ─ 都会加入5G的行列,并且无缝运行。

Imagination Technologies公司通信技术市场营销总监 Richard Edgar

What is the impact of the IoT market on 5G?

IoT 市场会对 5G 带来什么影响?

The impact of the IoT market on 5G will be huge. Integration of connectivity such as low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart onto the SoC is key to achieving lower power and low-cost devices for IoT. With 5G we’ll most likely see several connectivity standards that will co-exist, so solutions must address multiple standards and be designed for power efficiency. Imagination’s Ensigma Whisper radio processing units (RPUs), for instance, are designed to be highly configurable to give designers the flexibility to offer multi-standard support in a single architecture.Whisper connectivity IP is designed so that customers can choose to integrate Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth Smart, 802.15.4 such as 6LowPan, Zigbee or Thread or a combination of the standards, depending on their specific application.

IoT 市场将对 5G 带来巨大的影响。把低功耗Wi-Fi和Bluetooth Smart等连接功能整合到SoC中,是实现低功耗与低成本IoT设备的重要关键。通过5G,我们会看到多种连接标准将彼此共存,所以解决方案必须能满足多重标准需求,并具备优异的功率。Imagination的Ensigma Whisper无线电处理器 (RPU) 是专为高可配置性所设计,能为设计人员提供在单一架构中支持多重标准的灵活度。Whisper连接IP的设计,可让客户依照特定应用的需求,选择将Wi-Fi 802.11n、Bluetooth Smart、以及 6LowPan、Zigbee 或Thread等802.15.4标准,或是这些标准的结合整合在一起。

What do you see in the future for wireless standard(s) for 5G? Is it feasible for one standard to cover all use cases?

您认为未来 5G 的无线标准会有哪些? 一个标准有可能覆盖所有的使用案例吗?

Today we have a welter of standards for different applications. A handful of standards examples include 802.15.4; Bluetooth Smart (BTLE), and Low Power Wi-Fi – 1x1 802.11n. 5G proponents are looking for one ‘standard’ to encompass use cases such as cellular, IoT, WAN, LAN, PAN, and more. There’s a lot of discussion now centering on whether one single standard could ultimately replace all other wireless technologies – particularly LAN technologies such as Wi-Fi. Whether it’s possible – or sensible – is still being debated – and will continue to be, for the foreseeable future.

今天,我们针对不同应用会有多种不同的标准,包括 802.15.4 、 Bluetooth Smart (BTLE),以及低功耗 Wi-Fi – 1x1 802.11n 等。5G倡导者正寻求单一"标准”来涵盖蜂窝网络、IoT、WAN、LAN、PAN 以及其他更多的使用案例。现在,有许多关于单一标准是否能最终取代所有其他无线技术的讨论 ─ 特别是局域网络Wi-Fi 技术。不管是否可能或合理,这一问题仍在讨论中,并将在可见的未来持续讨论下去。

If multiple standards are on the 5G horizon, will carriers then use a combination of licensed/unlicensed technologies such as Wi-Fi to then provide an ‘always-on-experience’ for consumers?

如果 5G 未来会有多种标准,那么运营商将结合授权与未授权技术,如 Wi-Fi ,来为消费者提供“不间断的体验”吗?

Initially we’ll probably see this. Consumers just want the technology to always work. It might also alleviate some pressure off carriers’ existing cellular networks.

初期,我们可能会看到这个情况,因为消费者非常希望科技随时都能运作。 这一作法还能够减轻电信运营商现有蜂窝网络的压力。

With the wide range of potential spectrum available for 5G, what new techniques will be needed in cellular-radio design --will cognitive-based software-defined radio (SDR) technology, for instance, be one way forward?

由于 5G 可提供丰富的可用带宽,蜂窝无线电设计将需要哪些新技术?基于认知(cognitive-based)的软件定义无线电 (SDR) 技术会是未来的一个选项吗?

Cognitive radio is definitely a promising way forward. Moving the decision making back into the network and away from the center could be an important differentiator for IoT.


Describe some of the different markets – and different priorities in a 5G world.


Prior generations of network technology have been very voice-centric, with data as an add-on. 5G brings data to the heart of the network. With 5G, we’ll see better efficiency and robustness. In connecting the world of IoT, sizable deployments of IoT devices will be in rural and sparsely populated regions of the world. We’ll see an extensive array of market opportunities and applications including home automation, wearables, surveillance, transportation and agriculture. Priorities include greater system capacity, reduced latency, energy savings, and higher data rates. All with improved robustness.

之前的网络技术一直都是以语音为中心,数据则被视为附加服务。5G能将数据带到网络的中心地位。通过5G,我们将会获得更佳的效率与稳固性。在IoT的连网世界中,大量的IoT 设备将会部署在乡村与人口稀少的地区。 我们将看到各类市场机会与应用,包括家庭自动化、可穿戴设备、监控、交通运输与农业等。优先范围包括更大的系统容量、缩短延迟、节能以及更高的数据传输率。所有这些都将伴随着稳固性的提升而实现。

How do you see all the disparate alliances coming together on 5G?

您如何看待各式各样的 5G 联盟组织?

It’s still pretty early in the game but I’m sure – at least I certainly hope so – that a number of key alliances and consortiums will sort out commonalities to further ensure a smooth transition to 5G. Imagination, for instance, launched the prpl Foundation last year – it’s open-source, community-driven, collaborative, and in addition to embedded/IoT, other initial domains include connected consumer, datacenter and networking & storage. As we focus on contributing to the definition and development of 5G – both internally and through organizations such as the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey – we can see that there is a lot of room for innovation across the ecosystem.

现在仍处于5G发展的初期,但我确信,一些重要的联盟与组织将找出共通之处,以进一步确保向5G领域的顺利发展。举例来说,Imagination去年成立了prpl基金会 ─ 它是一个开源、社区导向的协作组织,除了锁定嵌入式 /IoT 之外,其他关注的领域还包括连网消费设备、数据中心、网络及存储设备。通过公司内部以及萨里 (Surrey) 大学的5G 创新中心 (5GIC),我们专注于在5G的定义与开发方面作出贡献。此外,我们可以看到整个生态系统仍然还有许多创新的空间。

What can companies do to future-proof their designs as 5G is defined over the coming several years?

鉴于5G 将于未来几年才定义完备,业者将如何确保其设计的前瞻性?

The bar is going to be very high. Companies need to develop products with multi-standard support to future proof their designs; they must also be cognizant that consumers want instant access to the Internet, email, and social media channels. The digital home revolution is already underway – everything’s going wireless – and everything has to work together.


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