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Broadcom Unveils Next Generation of Popular Integrated Wireless Processor

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sition to application-specific wireless LAN chips."

The BCM4712 system-on-a-chip enables manufacturers to achieve lower costs and form factors for access points as small as a 2" x 3" business card.? The wireless network processor includes hardware-based AES acceleration for upgradeability to the future IEEE 802.11i security standard and supports a rich software feature set.? This will enable network equipment vendors to offer a new generation of cost attractive, full-featured 54g(TM) w

ireless routers and access points aimed at small business and residential customers. Broadcom's 54g(TM) technology has emerged as the premier 802.11g-compliant solution, delivering maximum performance speed, range and security.

Advanced Software Features

The BCM4712 is code-compatible with the BCM4702 and AirForce(TM) OneDriver(TM) access point/router software suite, which provides the basis for most shipped 802.11g routers and access points.? OEMs can leverage existing proprietary software developed for their currently shipping products, significantly reducing time to market for new products.? With an upgraded MIPS32 processor, the BCM4712 also provides the ability to run complex networking protocols, enabling deeply embedded systems to take advantage of 54Mbps wireless networking while preserving the underlying hardware and software designs.

Broadcom's OneDriver software also features Xpress(TM) technology, the industry's first standards-based performance enhancement software designed to deliver maximum data throughput for all IEEE technologies (802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a), even in networks utilizing equipment from multiple vendors. Each network node that adds Xpress Technology improves the efficiency of the network and Xpress smoothes the industry migration to 802.11g by offering increased performance benefits, especially in mixed 802.11b and 802.11g networks.

Broadcom's AirForce Wireless LAN Product Family

Broadcom's high performance WLAN product line features the g

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