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Xilinx EtherCAT Solution:
The High-Performance, Low-Cost, Ethernet Field Bus Solution

The Challenges to Industrial Network Design
? Provide high-performance, costeffective Ethernet-based communication technology for control applications
? Integrate design changes to meet future specification changes
? Bridge between multiple interface protocols and support multiple technologies with one hardware platform

The Xilinx EtherCAT Solution
? Full compliance with EtherCAT specifica

? Low-cost EtherCAT Slave controller IP implemented in Spartan-3 generation devices
? EtherCAT Master built on Xilinx Ethernet MAC blocks

EtherCAT is a high-performance, industrial Ethernet fieldbus system. It features high data transfer rates, short data processing times, and high synchronicity with low jitter. EtherCAT is ideally suited for machine control applications such as: machine, plant or building automation, I/O, drives, sensors, and measurement tools.

Data “Processing On The Fly” With EtherCAT

EtherCAT delivers 100Mb frame processing. EtherCAT Slaves read data addressed to them specifically, and insert input data while the telegram passes through the device. This “processing on the fly” allows the entire network to be addressed in just one frame.

The Most Flexible Network Topology

EtherCAT provides the most flexible network topology. It supports line, tree, ring,
and star topologies with up to 65,000 nodes per segment. The Most Cost-Effective & Safe Solution EtherCAT is a low-cost networking solution. Since no active infrastructure components, such as hubs or switches, are necessary Masters are implemented in software, or on any standard Ethernet MAC. Slave devices benefit from low-cost FPGA implementations. Safe data communication, in compliance with IEC 61508 (SIL3), can be implemented utilizing the Safety over EtherCAT protocol.

Implementing SoC with the Xilinx FPGA Platform
Xilinx FPGAs offer the most cost-effective platforms for implemen

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