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Synopsys Introduces Galaxy 2009 with 2x Faster Throughput

2009年07月31日 ?? 收藏0
analysis delivers 2x faster runtime, on average.

  • TetraMAX: 3x faster performance with four cores and 6x faster performance with eight cores

  • IC Validator: near-linear scalability with 7x speedup using eight cores and 20x speedup using 25 cores.
    • New MCMM synthesis technology in Design Compiler Graphical, a component of Synopsys' Eclypse? Low Power Solution, supports concurrent optimization for worst-case leakage and timing corners. Design Compiler uses a common multi-scenario defini

      tion with IC Compiler. Actual design results have shown 10 percent lower leakage when using MCMM optimization with a combined Design Compiler and IC Compiler flow. PrimeTime's Distributed Multi-Scenario Analysis (DMSA) capability has been extended to deliver a more comprehensive set of engineering change orders (ECOs) for both setup and hold timing violations, thus minimizing late-stage iterations in the design process.

      "With the increasing complexity and diversity of system-on-chip designs, faster, unified implementation solutions are essential," said Bijan Kiani, vice president of product marketing, Design and Manufacturing Products, at Synopsys. "Galaxy 2009 delivers faster runtime performance with comprehensive multicore and MCMM support for better quality of results and faster design closure. As a result, engineers are able to achieve higher productivity on their most challenging designs."

      Galaxy Implementation Platform

      The Galaxy Implementation Platform is a comprehensive solution for cell-based and custom IC implementation. Galaxy accepts design intent in industry standard formats and generates a production-ready IC design in GDSII format. Galaxy RTL and physical implementation concurrently balance design constraints by performing intelligent tradeoffs between speed, area, power, test and manufacturability. Galaxy signoff engines accurately model complex physical interactions to ensure signal and power integrity. Coherent algorithms for parasitic extraction and

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