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Synopsys Introduces Galaxy 2009 with 2x Faster Throughput

2009年07月31日 ?? 收藏0
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design, verification and manufacturing, today introduced the latest release of its Galaxy? Implementation Platform delivering 2x faster design implementation and signoff throughput with new multicore performance and multi-corner/multi-mode (MCMM) technologies. Built-in support for multicore processing across the Galaxy Platform enables engineering teams to immediately boost runtime performance using their e
xisting compute servers. Additionally, the Galaxy Platform includes new MCMM technology providing improved quality of results and faster design closure when using a combined Design Compiler? Graphical and IC Compiler flow. The Galaxy 2009 release is available now.

In March 2008, Synopsys announced a broad multicore initiative to deploy advanced parallel, threaded and other optimized compute technologies across its verification, implementation and manufacturing platforms to reduce time-to-results. The most recent result of this initiative is the expansion of the Galaxy Platform with multicore technology to deliver 2x faster performance for design implementation and signoff. Multicore technologies being introduced today with the Design Compiler synthesis, TetraMAX? automatic test pattern generation (ATPG), IC Compiler place-and-route, IC Validator physical verification, Star-RCXT? extraction and PrimeTime? static timing analysis solutions deliver breakthrough productivity and faster design closure. Measurable performance improvements deploying these technologies include:

  • Design Compiler: 1.5x faster runtime with four processor cores

  • IC Compiler: 2.5x faster runtime with MCMM using four cores

  • Star-RCXT: 3x faster performance using four cores and 8x faster using 16 cores

  • PrimeTime: 50 percent faster, on average, for typical production flows compared with the previous release. In addition, a faster run mode in PrimeTime ideal for early signal integrity

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