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Magma Announces Release of Talus 1.1

2009年05月29日 ?? 收藏0
lows Talus 1.1 to deliver optimal quality of results out of the box on advanced process node design challenges. It has already been used to complete production designs where it provided a better than 5 times runtime improvement over competitive solutions and previous Talus versions. In customer beta testing on 40-nm designs ranging from 2 million to 4 million gates, with frequencies from 400 MHz to 800 MHz, Talus 1.1 produced 75 percent better timing with 10 percent fewer vias than the competit
ive results.

Talus Flow Manager and Visual Volcano

Talus 1.1 also introduces the new Talus Flow Manager that provides an out-of-the-box Talus RTL-to-GDSII design flow tuned to deliver optimal results. Designers can easily customize the reference flow and tailor it to their own needs, developing specific flows for various projects or applications. Additional reference flows include templates for the implementation of multiple-voltage (MVdd), multiple-mode and multiple-corner (MMMC) designs, as well as low-power and high-performance designs. Ease of use and cost of adoption is dramatically improved through the use of these pre-qualified flows.

The Talus Flow Manager includes the new Talus Visual Volcano, a new technology designed to help designers make better decisions faster. The Talus Visual Volcano analysis environment offers an integrated information display that allows an engineer to quickly track many parameters of the design, including run times, timing, power and area. MMMC design management is made easier by simplifying the control over active versus reported scenarios, and displaying results for all scenarios concurrently. By consolidating this data into charts and graphs, the Talus Visual Volcano saves time and improves efficiency by removing the need for tedious analysis of log files and textual reports.

Production shipments of Talus 1.1 will begin in June 2009.

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