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Magma Announces Release of Talus 1.1

2009年05月29日 ?? 收藏0
ization to routing, resulting in faster design closure and better timing performance. Unlike other approaches, Talus delivers a level of design speed and efficiency that is ideal for small-geometry designs -- this also makes it ideal for designers creating big chips, those with 5 million gates or more. This will take on greater commercial significance for our customers as an increased portion of their designs target applications such as netbooks, smartphones and embedded devices that require bi
gger and more complex chips but also must be designed for low power."

Talus 1.1 was created to deliver optimal quality of results out of the box at advanced process nodes. It has already been used to tape out numerous production chips at 40 nm, and is presently ready for designs at 32 nm and 28 nm. Such technology is commonly found in System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designs, which integrate computing capabilities on a single chip.

Talus COre Technology

The heart of the improvements in Talus 1.1 is its Concurrent Optimizing Routing Engine (COre) technology. At advanced geometries, complex resistance effects, increased via resistance and crosstalk can create a large timing disconnect between placed gates and final routing. Dealing with optimization and routing sequentially results in a suboptimal solution with unpredictable results. Traditional solutions must spend time optimizing the design after routing to get the necessary accuracy, but at the cost of long runtimes. Talus COre focuses on applying the full scope of timing optimization incrementally during routing. Every aspect of the routing algorithms -- from topology generation to layer assignment, track assignment and DRC cleanup -- is timing and crosstalk aware. This allows the design to converge faster and eliminate post-route timing surprises. Talus COre is coupled with Talus' SDF-based optimization to remove the need for manual engineering change orders (ECOs) to close timing.

The addition of the Talus COre technology al

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