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Magma Announces Release of Talus 1.1

2009年05月29日 ?? 收藏0

Magma(r) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA), a provider of chip design software, today announced the release of Talus(r) 1.1, a new RTL-to-GDSII chip implementation system that delivers the fastest timing closure on the largest and most complex semiconductor designs. Talus 1.1 utilizes the new Talus(r) COre(tm) technology, which leverages Magma's unified data model to perform timing optimization concurrently during routing, thus providing faster overall design closure with better performance

and predictability. This greatly enhances designers' ability to achieve optimal results across a wide variety of designs -- while minimizing the need for user intervention. Unlike existing routing systems that perform optimization sequentially before and after place and route, and which focus only on layout-oriented routing factors such as design for manufacturability (DFM) or design rule checking (DRC), Talus focuses concurrently on timing and layout-driven metrics during routing.

In addition to its ability to provide the fastest turnaround on large designs, Talus 1.1 introduces the Talus(r) Flow Manager(tm) with "out-of-the-box" design flows. Included with the release are out-of-the-box reference flows for RTL-to-GDSII, multi-Vdd, low-power design and high-performance design -- engineers can easily tune the reference flows for specific applications. Talus Flow Manager also introduces a new visual analysis environment, Talus(r) Visual Volcano(tm), that integrates and presents all design and analysis data via a common display.

"For engineers creating ICs at advanced geometries, big chips, or chips where power management is important, Talus is superior to design systems from other EDA vendors," said Premal Buch, general manager of Magma's Design Implementation Business Unit. "The first breakthrough at Magma occurred when we added concurrent optimization to placement in our initial product, Blast Fusion. Our new Talus COre technology raises the bar by adding concurrent optim

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