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HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ (Dual Channel): FIFO-Based Data Capture Kit

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Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). To download the technical notes, select the links below:

High Speed ADC USB FIFO Evaluation Kit, EVALB (HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ) (pdf, 1,050,702 bytes)

The HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ board is a FIFO-based Data Capture board that supports single, dual, and demulti-plexed SPI controllable ADC evaluation boards. This board is backwards compatible with ADC evaluation boards that are not SPI-controllable. It can simultaneously store t

he data from two ADC channels. The board is connected to the PC through a USB port and is used with ADC Analyzer to quickly evaluate the performance of high speed ADCs. Additional equipment needed includes an Analog Devices high speed ADC evaluation board, a signal source, and a clock source.

EVALB PC Board Gerber File (zip, 268,677 bytes)

Ordering Info:
To order HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ please contact your local ADI sales office or distributor. View Sales and Distribution Offices

Additional Info:

Understanding High Speed ADC Testing and Evaluation (pdf, 1,358,339 bytes)

High Speed ADC SPI? Control Software User's Guide (pdf, 599,590 bytes)

Interfacing to High Speed ADCs via SPI? (pdf, 1,633,101 bytes)


HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ can be used with either ADC Analyzer or VisualAnalog.

To download VisualAnalog software, select the link below:

VisualAnalog? (Rev. (msi, 13.7 MB)

VisualAnalog? User's Guide (pdf, 2,175,422 bytes)

To download the ADC Analyzer? software, select the link below:

AnalyzerSetup.EXE (Rev. 4.8.2) (exe, 16.7 MB)

ADC Analyzer User's Guide (pdf, 1,304,804 bytes)

3rd Party Solutions

EXP Analog Devices Adaptor Module
Avnet Electronics Marketing has partnered with Analog Devices to create an EXP adaptor module. This module allows users to connect any EXP-enabled FPGA baseboards to many of our high speed ADC evaluation boards. The EXP adaptor module connects to all ADC evaluation boards that are compatible with HSC-ADC-EV

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