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自动化SATA一致性测试:TekExpress SATA Automated Compliance Test Software

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For signal impairment, alternative solutions require a multitude of sources to create the proper signal impairment (jitter and amplitude loss) for receiver testing. These include a pattern generator, a noise source, and a sinusoidal jitter source. This configuration is difficult to setup and even more difficult to duplicate reliably at different sites. With the AWG7102, the signal impairment is synthesized digitally with a single setup file so it can be reproduced reliably. Further, it can al

so transition seamlessly from BIST-L initiation to a digitally impaired signal, a unique capability of a high-speed arbitrary waveform generator.

Receiver Margin Testing
While the SATA RSG (Receive Signaling Group) test is a Pass/Fail test on whether the receiver can tolerate a laboratory grade impaired framed composite test signal, designers will want to know ‘how much margin do I have?’ TekExpress SATA software provides both a Pass/Fail RSG test and receiver margin testing (RMT). When the RMT test is selected, Jitter is synthesized at different frequencies and amplitudes increasingly until errors are detected on the frame error analyzer. A jitter tolerance curve is then created that shows where the device fails. This information is useful in validating the design of the receiver.

Powered by NI TestStand?
The TekExpress automated compliance software uses NI (National Instruments) TestStand to manage and execute its test sequences. A Windows user interface is provided in the TekExpress software for simple and complete operation of compliance measurements. However, if your validation and debug needs go beyond the features offered by the TekExpress software, a full version of NI TestStand can be used to develop higher-level automation sequence to control the TekExpress software.

NI TestStand is the de facto industry standard test management environment for automating test and validation systems. NI TestStand is used to develop, manage and execute test sequences, to integr

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TekExpress? SATA? 泰克? 一致性测试?


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