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自动化SATA一致性测试:TekExpress SATA Automated Compliance Test Software

2009年03月23日 ?? 收藏0
orecard (MS Excel format) is generated. This is the scorecard that is submitted to SATA-IO for official compliance certification by test houses and at SATA compliance workshops. If your scorecard has a 100% passing score, your device can then be considered physical layer conformant.

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TSG/PHY/OOB Automation
For transmitter testing (TSG/PHY/OOB) TekExpress (Opt. SATA-TSG) performs all the tests required by the specification. SATA transmitter compliance measurements involve a multi

tude of complex measurements, including a unique vertical amplitude measurement algorithm that takes twelve pages of the specification to describe. In the past, RT-Eye? Serial Data Compliance and Analysis software with Opt. SST was used for some measurements, TDSJIT3 for others, and some were not fully automated. TekExpress SATA software automates the JIT3 and other measurements through a single user interface, it also simplifies the solution by removing the need for RT-Eye Opt. SST.

Direct Synthesis and Device State Control in a Single Instrument
The AWG7102 Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Opt. 01 (64M waveform length) and Opt. 06 (20GS/s interleaving) is a key component of the TekExpress Serial ATA Compliance Solution. It provides state control for the device or host under test as well as direct synthesis of the waveform patterns (impaired and unimpaired) needed for testing.

In SATA, state control is required to initiate a BIST-L (Build-In Self Test – Loopback) sequence to the device under test from its receiver port. This is used for all measurement test suites: transmitter, receiver, and channel. Other solutions attempt to initiate the BIST-L with an off-the-shelf host system or a digital generator and then try to apply the appropriate pattern for testing. This often requires the user to disconnect the BIST-L source from the device and then re-connect to a second source causing many devices to fall out of BIST-L mode. This leads to frequent rework and wasted time.

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