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自动化SATA一致性测试:TekExpress SATA Automated Compliance Test Software

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rator and frame error analyzer are all controlled through the TekExpress automation framework. The TekExpress software provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides an intuitive workflow through setup and testing.

Setting up the Bench
When setting up a test, nothing can be simpler than hooking up the test system by looking at a schematic. View the schematic of the selected test with a push of a button.

Show Schematic

Instrument Bench Discovery
TekExpress software automatically (or on

demand) scans and detects supported instruments connected in your test bench (both Visa supported and non-Visa supported instruments), whether they are connected through LAN, GPIB, or USB. A quick check of the Instrument Bench menu confirms all instruments are networked correctly.

Instrument Bench Discovery

One Button Testing
Once the test bench is setup and the DUT is properly connected, simply press the Run button to perform the selected test suite.

Basic and Expert User Interface
TekExpress software provides two levels of operation through its graphical user interface (GUI), advanced and basic. This allows the expert user to make and save changes on a test configuration and then hide these controls for repetitive testing by less experienced users. This provides flexibility in test configuration and at the same time insures configuration settings are not inadvertently changed.

Basic Operation

Expert Operation

Online Help and Show MOI
Online Help is available through the Help menu and direct access to the approved SATA MOI (Method of Implementation) through the Show MOI button. The SATA-IO approved MOIs document step by step how the test is being performed by the TekExpress software. This allows users to understand the theory behind the measurements and better understand test results.

Show MOI

Pass/Fail Report and SATA Scorecard
The Report tab provides an HTML view of test results along with Pass/Fail status. Once testing is complete, a SATA-IO compliant sc

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TekExpress? SATA? 泰克? 一致性测试?


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