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自动化SATA一致性测试:TekExpress SATA Automated Compliance Test Software

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bench. The SATA test bench includes a real-time oscilloscope (DPO/DSA70000 or TDS6000C Series), a high performance signal generator (AWG7102), a sampling oscilloscope (DSA8200), a frame error analyzer, and an RF switch. While other manufacturers automate portions of the transmitter and receiver test requirements, the Tektronix high-speed serial test bench with TekExpress SATA software is the only solution that provides 100% test coverage for SATA, which is the most comprehensive compliance cer
tification program in the electronics industry. The Tektronix SATA test bench is used at biannual workshops sponsored by SATA-IO for ‘Gold Suite’ testing. Required test procedures (MOI) can be found at http://www.sata-io.org/testing.asp. Now, using TekExpress SATA automated compliance test software, you can perform 100% of the tests performed in the ‘gold suite’ at SATA-IO plug fests in your own lab.

*1 See host system requirements in Ordering Information section

100% Automated – Save Time and Resources
There’s no longer a need to be an expert on all the required instrument user interfaces. Remembering how to use the instrumentation is often time consuming and typically requires a senior engineer who monitors the SATA-IO test spec development. Even if you remember how to use all the instruments, it’s common for even the most experienced operator to forget steps in the procedure like calibration or setting up parameters correctly, like clock recovery, only to have to restart the test. The TekExpress software takes the human element out of the equation and yields accurate and repeatable measurements every time. No need to spend hours in the lab testing a single device or configuring a single test instrument. Simply press the Run button in the TekExpress software and turn your attention to other activities.

Simple to Setup, Test Execution, and Reporting
Setup and test execution is simple with the TekExpress software. The real-time oscilloscope, sampling oscilloscope, signal gene

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TekExpress? SATA? 泰克? 一致性测试?


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