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High Efficiency Boost Switching Controller Eval Board with 12 Volt Output

General Description:

The LM3481 is a current mode, low side N channel FET controller. It can be utilized in numerous configurations including a Boost, Flyback or SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter). This evaluation board demonstrates the flexibility of the LM3481 in a boost topology providing 12 volt output at 1.5 amps.
3V ≤ VIN ≤ 11V
VOUT = 12V
0A ≤ IOUT ≤ 1.5A
Evaluation Board Contents:

The advantage of the evaluation board is the ability to examine performance tradeoffs through substitution of parts. By careful selection of the components used, it is possible to optimize the application circuit for a given parameter. For instance, the FET footprint has been designed to accommodate either one SO-8 or two parallel SO-8 packages. The selection of the FET would then be determined by the design constraints. An example would be that a lower system cost could be obtained by selection of a FET with a higher RDS(ON), although performance would be sacrificed through reduced efficiency.

Current Limit
The purpose of the R4 (RSL) resistor is to provide flexibility in the selection of the slope compensation needed for the required application. The amount of slope compensation directly determines the minimum inductance required for stability. (Please see the LM3481 datasheet for adjustment of slope compensation). For a complete discussion on how to calculate the R4 value needed, refer to the current limit section in the LM3481 datasheet. This evaluation board uses R4 and C7 to filter the Isen signal with negligible affect on the slop

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