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Lauterbach为Xilinx MicroBlaze 7版处理系统推出实时追踪解决方案

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  Lauterbach Introduces Real-Time Tracing for Xilinx MicroBlaze v7 Processor

  Hofolding, November 2007 - LAUTERBACH, the manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, has launched support for real-time tracing for version 7 of the MicroBlaze?processor from Xilinx?

  Optimized for embedded applications in Xilinx FPGAs, the MicroBlaze processor is a flexible 32-bit Harvard RISC architecture with a rich instruction set and optional memory management unit (MMU). Lauterbach has supported deb

uggers for the MicroBlaze processor, starting with version 4 up to the newest version 7, to enable Xilinx embedded customers to quickly identify and fix bugs. The latest addition to the range of development tools for the MicroBlaze processor is an off-chip trace solution. In contrast to competing products Lauterbach's real-time trace does not use scarce on-board FPGA memory resources for storing trace data but provides up to 512MB of external high speed trace memory.

  Basic features of the trace solution are program and data trace, which allow designers to reconstruct the program flow. Beyond this, the tool offers advanced functionality like statistical analysis of function run-times, variable usage (read/write), analysis of? code coverage on module and function level, performance analysis of functions, tasks and variables. The unique context tracking system (CTS) enables debugging using collected trace data ?for example setting breakpoints, step, back-step, execute etc.

  Lauterbach's commitment to providing leading edge debug solutions for the MicroBlaze processor is underlined by the support for ucLinux (already available) and Linux operating systems (planned for Q1 2008).?

  The portfolio of Lauterbach's FPGA development tools also comprises digital logic analyzers (GUI on host PC) as well as debug and trace solutions for embedded PowerPC cores.

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