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瑞萨科技公司推出用于车身控制系统的电源集成电路M59400FP,可提供可变片内外围功能和低电流耗散 [英]

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Renesas Technology Releases M59400FP Power Supply IC Offering Various On-Chip Peripheral Functions And Low Current Dissipation, For Vehicle Body Control Systems
- On-chip peripheral functions including multiplexer and relay coil driver for smaller systems, plus low-current-dissipation 5 V regulator offering approximately 90% lower current dissipation than previous Renesas Technology products, and subclock output -

M59400FPRenesas Technology Corp. today announced the M59400FP as a power supply IC for supplying a 5 V stable voltage to a vehicle body control ECU*1 microcontroller. The M59400FP incorporates a multiplexer to supplement microcontroller I/O ports, a relay coil driver, and various microcontroller reset functions on a single

chip, and achieves low power consumption through an approximately 90% reduction in current dissipation compared with previous Renesas Technology products. Sample shipments of the M59400FP in a small SSOP package will begin on April 9, 2004 in Japan, and the start of mass production will follow in May.
(1)Peripheral functions including a multiplexer and relay coil driver provided on a single chip
The M59400FP incorporates a 3-channel multiplexer (with four inputs and one output) to supplement microcontroller I/O ports, and a 2-channel relay coil driver (featuring a 300 mA maximum drive current and low 1? on-resistance value) with a built-in circuit to protect against output overcurrent due to load shorting. Other on-chip peripheral functions comprise a function for detecting an abnormal drop in the supply voltage, as well as various reset functions including a power-on reset timer that operates when the supply voltage rises, and a watchdog timer for microcontroller system self-diagnosis, providing sure prevention of program runaway.

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