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瑞萨科技公司推出高音质6声道电子音量控制集成电路M61538FP做到了业界最低的输出噪声电压0.85μV rms [英]

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(3)Small size
?Smaller sizes have been achieved through the use of fewer pins. The 24-pin SSOP package used for the M61538FP offers an approximately 64% reduction in mounting area compared with previous Renesas Technology models, while the 40-pin QFP package used for the M61539FP and M61540FP offers an approximately 66% reduction.

< Product Background >
With the increasing popularity of DVD players/recorders and digital broadcasting, multichannel audio source systems are becoming more

widespread, and there is an associated trend in audio/video equipment from 2-channel stereo systems to home theater systems offering 5.1 or 6.1 channels. Also, in line with audio source digitalization, the market is demanding higher sound quality from audio/video products.

Renesas Technology currently mass produces high-performance 2-channel, 4-channel, 6-channel, and 8-channel electronic volume IC series supporting multichannel systems. Now, in the pursuit of even higher sound quality, Renesas Technology is releasing three new models offering low output noise voltage figures ranking with the industry top-level through a revision of circuit configuration and layout down to the transistor level.

< Additional Product Information >
The M61538FP is a single-function 6-channel electronic volume IC offering approximately half of the output noise voltage compared with the current M62446AFP through a revision of circuit layout and configuration. The M61539FP is a 6-channel electronic volume IC incorporating a high-audio-frequency/low-audio-frequency 2-band tone control function, while the M61540FP incorporates a 2-band tone control function and a 5-input selector function.

These three new models provide the same functions as current products while offering reduced mounting areas through the use of smaller packages, and also offer first-time support of a single power supply as well as a ± dual-power supply system achieving a maximum output amplitude of 4.5 Vrms.

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