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Renesas Technology Releases SH-MobileL Application Processor for Next Popular Models of Mobile Phone
- Offering high cost-performance, with on-chip 2-megapixel camera support functions at a low price -

应用处理器SHRenesas Technology Corp. today announced the SH-MobileL (product name: SH7322) as a new model in the SH-Mobile*1 Series of mobile phone application processors, for use in the next popular models of mobile phone system. Sample shipments will begin in May 2004 in Japan.

The SH-MobileL is a

dedicated processor for multimedia applications such as voice and moving images in mobile phone systems, and achieves optimal cost-performance for upcoming popular models of mobile phone. Features of the SH-MobileL are summarized below.
High cost-performance achieved by focusing on optimal functions and configuration for upcoming popular models
An optimal configuration and specification have been arrived at by keeping to essential peripheral functions, centered on camera support and image display capability that mark the trend in standard equipment for the next popular models of mobile phone system. This has made it possible to achieve a low price while providing 2-megapixel equivalent camera support functions. The achievement of a high-cost-performance product offering an excellent balance of price, functionality, and performance will contribute to keeping down prices for future popular camera-equipped models.
2-megapixel equivalent camera support and image processing functions

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