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ll us CellularRAM products are their choice for mobile handset applications."

Cypress, Infineon and Micron said in a joint statement, "We are pleased to welcome Renesas to the co-development of the CellularRAM specification. We value Renesas as a broad-based semiconductor supplier and believe the addition of this major Asia-region vendor to the group strengthens global adoption of CellularRAM technology. The CellularRAM specification co-development members deliver a new memory standard with sup

erior performance to customers with the collective benefit of the members' wide-range of market experience and innovative technology."

The purpose of this specification co-development effort is to provide customers with pin- and function-compatible products from multiple sources, based on a jointly developed specification for the CellularRAM architecture. Each member company provides system expertise and product direction, and designs and manufactures their own products using their own design and process technology.

Based on a one-transistor (1T) DRAM cell, CellularRAM products provide significant advances over traditional SRAM and a six-transistor (6T) SRAM cell, leveraging the technology and reduced size of a DRAM cell. These products operate at up to 104 MHz clock rates; run at an initial latency of 39ns; and can achieve up to 208 MB/s of peak bandwidth. CellularRAM products also feature a burst read and write mode that emulates a popular Flash Burst compatible protocol with various I/O voltage options, making them ideal for multichip package (MCP) products.

MCP solutions are a growing trend for mobile applications. As CellularRAM products are ideal companion devices, the co-development continues to enable the market by designing future generations of CellularRAM products with a common bond format supporting the MCP requirements of the members' respective customers.

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