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Renesas Technology Joins Cypress, Infineon and Micron To Co-Develop CellularRAM? Product Specification

――- Addition of Asia-Headquartered Manufacturer Marks Global Spread of CellularRAM Architecture for High-Performance Memory Devices in Mobile Phones -

The CellularRAM specification co-development team, including Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Infineon Technologies and Micron Technology, Inc. today announced the addition of Renesas Technology Corp. to its membership. Cypress, Infineon and Micr

on, as individual companies, are all extremely active in the Asia market with facilities in China, India, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. Their focus and commitment to this market is solidified with the addition of Renesas to the specification co-development. Renesas is now the first Asia-headquartered manufacturer developing a family of CellularRAM devices for next-generation mobile handsets.

CellularRAM products are a high-performance, low-power memory solution designed to meet the growing memory density and bandwidth demands of future 2.5G and 3G handset designs. In addition to offering a lower cost/bit ratio than current solutions, this new multi-sourced, multi-generation family of pseudo-static RAM (PSRAM) products features SRAM-pin compatibility, external refresh-free operation and a low-power design. CellularRAM devices are a drop-in replacement, pin-and-function-compatible, for most asynchronous low-power SRAMs used currently in cellular phone designs.

"The handset community voiced a strong need for a cost-effective, high-performance, low power solution tailored specifically to meet their unique system requirements. Renesas, recognizing the benefits???? CellularRAM technology brings to this marketplace, joined the CellularRAM specification co-development," said Masahiro Yamamura, executive general manager of memory business unit at Renesas Technology. "We are excited to participate in the co-development of this specification as our customers te

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