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Micronas与Genesis Microchip宣布联合开发多种LCD电视平台参考设计 [英]

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Micronas and Genesis Microchip Announce Joint Reference Design for Multiple LCD TV Platforms

--- New V2E Two-Chip LCD TV Solution Designed To Reduce TV Manufacturers' Time-to-Market

Genesis Microchip Inc. a world leader in the development of image processing technologies for LCD TVs and other consumer display products, and Micronas (SWX Swiss Exchange: MASN, Frankfurt: MNSN, Prime Standard Segment, TecDAX), a leading supplier of cutting-edge IC and sensor system solutions for consumer and autom

otive electronics, today announced their joint LCD TV reference design, the V2E. The two companies have combined the technologies of the Micronas VCT 49xyI All-in-One TV front-end and Genesis' gm5221 LCD display controller to offer the V2E reference design. The V2E design is targeted for entry to mid-range LCD TVs with panel sizes up to 23-inches and offers worldwide TV functionality.

"Our goal is to offer existing and new TV manufacturers a high-quality, reliable design to efficiently produce a broad range of LCD TVs in volume," said Johann Weierer, director marketing of Micronas. "By providing global TV functionality, this solution is well suited for OEM and ODM customers who want to add value to their product portfolio, or grow into new market segments."

"We believe that the V2E is a cost-effective strategy for companies looking to enter the growing LCD TV market with a proven design engineered by leaders in this space," said Andre Bouwer, director of product marketing for Genesis Microchip. "This reference design enables manufacturers to leverage the technologies of both Micronas' TV front-end and Genesis' image processing to bring LCD TV products based on field-tested components rapidly to market."

Legacy TV front-end solutions from Micronas are proven and reliable, eliminating the need for extensive field testing. The system offers state-of-the-art TV video, sound and radio features as well as the support of global VBI dataservices such as teletext and closed caption.

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Micronas? Genesis Microchip? LCD电视平台? 参考设计?


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