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Power Integrations针对PoE应用扩展了DC-DC转换器IC系列 [英]

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Power Integrations Expands DC-DC Converter IC Family for Power over Ethernet Applications
Highly Integrated DPA-Switch? Simplifies DC-DC Converter Designs

Power Integrations Expands DC-DC Converter IC Family for Power over Ethernet ApplicationsPower Integrations, a leading supplier of high-voltage power conversion ICs, announced today the availability of six new part types in its DPA-Switch family of integrated circuits for DC-DC power conversion.? Available in low cost 8-pin plastic DIP and surface mount packages, the new devices lower power converter system cost and dramati cally simplify DC-DC power conversion designs in an expanded range of applications, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Devices (PDs) compliant to IEEE standard 802.3af.? The DPA?Switch family, including the earlier introduced TO-263 packaged devices, enables a cost effective, scalable solution capable of delivering up to 100 W of continuous output power.? They are ideally suited to PDs over the full PoE power range (0.44 W to 12.95 W) such as VoIP phones, wireless access points and network


The DPA?Switch family, named for its compatibility with Distributed Power Architectures (DPAs), operates over a wide input voltage range (16 V to 75 V).? The ICs cost-effectively integrate a 220 V high frequency power MOSFET, PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry on one CMOS chip. High performance features include built-in soft-start, selectable 300 kHz or 400 kHz switching frequency, cycle skipping at light load for high standby efficiency, and internal hysteretic thermal shutdown.? All critical parameters have tight temperature and absolute tolerance to simplify design and optimize system cost.? The devices in this family can be used in both flyback and single-ended forward topologies and are compatible with any self-driven synchronous rectification (SDSR) scheme to boost efficiency in low voltage, high current applications. The ICs can eliminate over 20 external components compared to a typical discrete MOSFET plus PWM controller DC?DC converter design, resulting in shorter design cycles, smaller board sizes, lower system cost, and higher reliability.

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Power Integrations? PoE应用? DC-DC转换器?


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