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Mentor Graphics扩展在华高等教育计划协助培育IC设计增长环境

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aphics is well-respected for their leading IC design software and for their commitment toward higher education at the international level," said Mr. Zhou Ji, Minister of the Ministry of Education. "The cooperation with Mentor Graphics will help us achieve proficiency in first class technology and design methodologies while allowing us to gain experience with their EDA tools. Our design engineering student population stands to benefit significantly, as does the future of China's electronics indu


Mentor Graphics has been working with China's top universities and government research centers since 1989. Currently, there are over 40 universities in the country using Mentor Graphics tools in daily curricula or in research projects. As part of this MOU, Mentor Graphics will work with the Department of Higher Education of Ministry of Education to develop high quality IC design educational courses and hands-on training for the following universities: Peking University and Tsinghua University, Beijing; Zhejiang University and Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Hubei; Fudan University, Jiaotong University and Southeast University, Jiangsu; Xidian University, Shanzi; and Chengdu Electronic Science & Technology University, Sichuan. Courses and training will include Mentor Graphics? FPGA design flow, analog/mixed signal and RF IC design flow, physical verification, design-for-test, and PCB tools for system design and high speed. These EDA tools and flows are internationally recognized for their leading technologies.

"China is emerging as a powerful force in our world economy, particularly in EDA, and will no doubt have a significant impact on the future of technology and engineering," said Gregory K. Hinckley, president of Mentor Graphics Corporation. "We are very honored to be able to expand our relationship with MOE and China's universities, and to play a major role in their efforts to further educate and train future design engineers."

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