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飞利浦采用RF SiP封装进一步缩小GSM/GPRS/EDGE射频芯片体积 [英]

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The 50 per cent size reduction in RF transceiver application enables additional feature integration in Nexperia Cellular System Solutions

Royal Philips Electronics has unveiled the introduction of the UAA3587, an RF System-in-a-Package featuring a dramatic reduction of component count in the RF section on the PCB (printed circuit board) by 35 compared to the previous generation and which enables designs of less than 2.50 cm2.

The first highly integrated cellular transceiver to be produced us

ing Philips' new silicon-based RF SiP technology, in addition to providing additional board space, the UAA3587 enables Asian manufacturers to make significant savings and will become the heart of the RF front-end of Nexperia Cellular System Solutions. Combined with the miniaturisation of other components the UAA3587 delivers savings of more than 30 per cent against the best in class with a size reduction as high as 50 per cent compared with the industry average for a more advanced RF functionality.

The plug-and-play integration eases the design-in process, improves PCB reliability and facilitates the integration of multimedia features. As a result, Asia's manufacturers can bring highly competitive handsets to the market faster.

"In a fiercely competitive market, passive integration technology on the RF front-end provides a critical advantage. With the UAA3587, Asia's handset makers can save board space, drastically reduce engineering hours and get their products quickly to market," said Gert-Jan Kaat, senior vice president of Mobile Communications, Philips Semiconductors.


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