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Universal Music France与Philips和Visa International三家合作展示无线接触卡技术在音乐分销领域的应用

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Royal Philips Electronics and Visa International have joined forces to show how the latest contactless technology can change the way digital content and services are distributed, paid for and accessed by today's universally connected consumer.

Following the announcement of an alliance between the two companies in May last year, Philips and Visa International have been exploring the market by proposing demos and concepts across different industries - including communications, consumer electroni

cs, computing and digital content providers. The two organisations are showcasing proofs of concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that demonstrate the power of breakthrough technologies, such as Philips' Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Visa's Verified by Visa, an authentication service based on the industry standard 3-D Secure, which enables Visa cardholders to safely shop online using a unique password. They show how value-add platforms can deliver rich and varied content in innovative ways.

"As we move into the roll-out phase of NFC technology, we are proud to present showcases which represent the first step in providing people with secure access to attractive content using their mobile devices as the central element," said Scott McGregor, president and chief executive officer, Philips Semiconductors. "It is also a great example of how three major players with complementary capabilities can collaborate to bring a vision to life and new services to the market."

Having demonstrated the technical concept of these applications, Philips and Visa International will continue to assess market demand, and develop stakeholder business cases that reflect the deployment opportunities and challenges within various global markets.


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