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Renesas Technology Corp. announced that it has signed-up over 70 companies to its SH-Mobile Consortium.? These comprise a wide variety of mobile technology-related companies from around the world, including middleware and software providers.? The consortium can now offer handset developers quick, cost-effective solutions that reduce development costs and time-to-market.

The consortium provides support for hardware, software and mobile handset developers.? It also increases the num

ber of business opportunities for members by bringing them together with other companies in the organisation.? All of the companies that have signed-up so far have been pre-qualified to ensure that their offerings are compatible with the SH-Mobile application processor.? This reduces the operational risk involved with developing a multimedia terminal using components from different manufacturers.

"The consortium is an organisation that will deliver solutions to customers," said Ikuya Kawaski, Department Manager, MCU & SOC Business Unit, Renesas Technology Corp.? "All parties will benefit from the synergies that can be achieved by bringing third party software/middleware suppliers into this customer-focused consortium.? Together, we offer handset makers complete solutions which enable them to focus their efforts on other value-added activities such as application development and product differentiation."

The SH-Mobile multimedia application processor was specifically developed to meet the demands of next-generation mobile phones.? The SH-Mobile processor has been adopted as an architecture by 20 handset makers worldwide.? One million units are currently being sold per month and sales of over 10 million units are predicted by the end of this fiscal year (year-end March 2004).? This will increase to 30 million units by March 2006.

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SH-Mobile联盟? 成员? 超过七十?


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