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Optimizing multiprocessor systems

Nicholas Cravotta?? EDN特约技术编辑?? 2003年09月12日 ?? 收藏0
Efficient optimization of multiprocessor systems begins with avoiding inefficiency in the first place.


  • In multiprocessor designs, abstracted design tools allow you to trade performance for ease of design.

  • Optimization is a process of determining which abstractions bring in the most inefficiencies and then piercing those abstractions to fine-tune performance.

  • Multiprocessor-design tools let you focus on solving your problem at a logical level; however, such
    tools are far from optimally resolving problems at the physical level without human intervention.

  • No matter how comprehensive your tool chain, the completeness of your design limits your optimization efforts.
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Optimizing a system means more than getting as close as you can to 100% usage. It also involves getting close to 0% inefficiency. Designing systems using multiple processors, each with multiple cores running multiple threads, presents a difficult optimization challenge. Higher order languages, framework environments, APIs, resource managers, and a slew of other abstractions enable you to step back from the complexity of a problem and view it from a higher, simpler, and more comprehensible level.

Abstraction's great advantage is that you can quickly sketch out your design and fine-tune it where you need better performance. In other words, optimizing a system means determining where abstraction introduces the most inefficiencies and then selectively replacing those abstractions with more concrete descriptions to remove those inefficiencies.

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One challenge of designing multiprocessor systems is that, although you can fairly easily prove that an individual task falls within system constraints, doing so in the presence of additional tasks contending for the same resources, such as comp
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