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无线设计:模块搭建方案更具灵活性与成本效益 [英]

Paul Chen?? Cellon International?? 2003年09月12日 ?? 收藏0

mited between two RFs with close frequency separation. Bluetooth and GPS, on the other hand, pose no problems in this regard, and can easily be integrated as application modules.

Reducing Power Consumption
Another important concern is power consumption. The reason is obvious: with an extra application processor functioning, a standard battery's life could be reduced to the point where the device would simply not be user-friendly - particularly with certain application modes (listening to MP3s, fo

r example).

But solutions to this are simple and have been proven in several designs. For example, assuming that 95% of the time a handheld device is at standby mode, a possible way to improve power consumption at the module side is to have the host application release the serial connection during a standby mode. This would allow the wireless module to go into a sleep status so power consumption could be reduced. Obviously, a rapid switch to standby mode triggers a dramatic reduction in overall power consumption.

Executing the solution is relatively simple. The link between the host application and the wireless module is via an RS232 interface. A typical wireless module will consume about 30 mA during standby mode in a normal status. In order to achieve lowest power consumption, the DTR line shall be deserted. This allows the module to go into a sleep status where the module would consume lowest power (approximately 1.5 mA in the case of a CMS91 module).
During sleep status, if any module events occur that need to notify the host, the module will assert the RI (Ring Indication); the host will respond by asserting DTR; this resumes normal communications. Events that would occur during the sleep status include a change in field signal strength, a battery level change, or an incoming call or SMS. Although incoming call/SMS can occur during sleep status, they should not be taken into account in the calculation of the module power consumption during the standby time: as non-standby ac

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无线? 灵活性? 成本?


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